Best Copyright Free Music for Video Backgrounds

In today’s scenario, music and their videos are very popular now. Videos are the medium to show and teach people various meaningful lessons as well as they are the medium of entertainment. Today, especially on social media video content are very popular and more effective even or advertisement. We Royalty Video Services provide you the video services and help other people to increase their business. We also share the experience of the people so that the productivity and income of the people increases. We promote the videos that can be used on the popular websites and in fact on the social media platform.

Our services which we provide are very effective and the quality is the best out of all. Now the question arises how our services work? It is very simple. Send your media files which include pictures, videos, logo etc., whatever you want into your video. Also, you have the option that you can tell your ideas and the music which you want to add to your videos. The video which we will provide you is fully in the format of social media. The best thing is that we provide royalty free music , so you don’t have to worry about any legal trouble. We provide you the different packages which include starter, advanced, premium, and premium with voice over. In starter package, you will get stabilization, color correction, trimming and adding up of your logo. The length of the video is 1 to 2 minute. The music is from our library and it costs $79.99 for purchasing.
The advanced package also provides same but the difference is of video length of 3 to 5 minutes and it costs $129.99. In the premium package the quality is same but the advanced feature is of custom music composition and the length is up to of 6 minutes. It costs $299.99. Our last package is the premium with voiceover package. It is somehow similar to the premium package but the only difference is the length of the music is up to 8 minutes. It costs $399.99. We provide you a copyright free music for videos once you purchase the package.