HCG Injections And A Low Calorie Diet For Weight Loss

The hcg diet plan is becoming popular over the last few years due to the availability of the Internet and advertising by practices that perform the protocol. I have read ATW Simeons protocol "Pounds and Inches: a New Approach to Obesity" several times. The paper is intriguing in terms of Simeons' principles about weight gain and the function of hypothalamic dysfunction in prevention of weight loss. It is also daring -- Simeons asserts that the protocol is simple to follow and uniformly successful in suppressing hunger, elevating mood, and empowering "strange", persistent fat to be lost. He also says that HCG resets the hypothalamus to prevent weight that is lost from being recovered. "Pounds and Inches" can be obtained from several sources on the Internet. If you are interested, it is possible to purchase a copy of Simeons' paper describing his protocol printed in 1954 from the Lancet.[1]

HCG or "human chorionic gonadotropin" is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It is also created by tumours in women (hydatidiform mole) and men (testicular cancer). HCG injections are used medically since part of its molecular structure mimics luteinizing hormone (LH). HCG injections (in dosages that range from 1000 to 2000 units, 2-3 times per week) are used to increase testosterone production in men with low testosterone who desire to maintain fertility. HCG injections (5,000 to 10,000 units) are occasionally used in women to cause ovulation.
imeons protocol uses tiny dosages of HCG (125 units), 6-7 days weekly for 23 to 40 days, as well as a really low calorie (VLC) diet of 500 calories per day. Since HCG does share some of its molecular structure with LH and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), theoretically, it may increase testosterone production, ovulation and progesterone production, or release of thyroid hormone. It may also cause excessive stimulation of the ovary and ovarian cysts. On the other hand, the dosage used is quite small and these effects are unlikely.
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