Hyperbaric treatment ideal for autism

The ever flourishing science and technology have led the medical science to its pinnacle, and still it appears like it’s just a halfway done. One of the boons of this growing benefic world is oxygen therapy.
Oxygen therapy is a treatment that is recommended to certain patient suffering from certain chronic, genetic or innate diseases like autism, stroke, Lyme disease, cerebral palsy etc.
Accomplishment of oxygen treatment requires special chambers called hyperbaric chamber. That is why this therapy is regarded as hyperbaric therapy.

In oxygen therapy the patient is put inside a chamber that contains 100% medical oxygen placidly. The chamber is actually pressurized so as to enable the maximum dissolution of oxygen into the blood. The pressure inside the chamber is often two to three times that of the ambient atmosphere. Thus the increment of oxygen dissolution both quantitatively and qualitatively leads to healing of many cells and tissue resulting into curing the patient from certain ailments.
Hyperbaric treatment of autism
Autism is the fastest growing disease caused by neurological dysfunction. It is a spectrum disorder whose impact varies and is a pervasive developmental disorder.
There are several reasons that may cause autism, where the actual reason lies in between. some of them are, deficiency of oxygen in brain. it may occur due to high fever or any hemorrhage during birth, malnutrition, reaction incurred by any vaccine, poisoning of any metal like mercury, exposure to chemicals or lack of blood supply in the brain.

Scientists believe that autism involves a lack of oxygen supply in many vital parts of brain resulting into making them sleep. When oxygen filled blood is made to flow in brain as well as the high pressure provided in hyperbaric therapy making the brain awaken and function properly.
Some scientists believe that autism is due to swelling of certain regions of brain making the brain not to function properly. Hence hyperbaric treatment thus helps in supplying excess of oxygen to all the parts of the brain and too in the dissolution of oxygen maximally resulting into alleviating the swelling of brain.
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