Knowing if meditation is still being practised

It might be surprising to know that meditation Bern is still being practised today by many people in the world. Even in countries that you never expect, you see and hear of people practicing meditation. This is because the eyes of many have been opened to what meditation can help accomplish even health-wise. Some people mind it hard to differentiate between mediation and yoga. Yoga can involve mediation but meditation cannot involve yoga. Yoga also involves exercising the body, but mediation does not have anything to do with exercising the body, you only get to exercise the mind. Transcendental meditation has come from a spiritual base, in fact, all types of mediation have their root from the spiritual and now, they have become more like a health and fashion practise. One of the men that knows the importance of easy meditation is wim Hof, and he seems to be making a whole lot from it as an athlete through meditation manual (meditation anleitung).

In those days, only monk practise meditation, but now, the culture has spread to everyone simply because of its immense benefit. It will be cool for you to learn meditation (meditation lernen) because of these health benefits. Meditation has been said to enhance leadership skills of people, as the ability to concentrate is something that every leader needs, doing one thing at a time, and achieving it. Also, it has been said to improve individual performance of some people and even productivity. These are things that are concluded upon by studies that were made about people that meditate. You can be sure that anything embraced by Silicon Valley will surely be accepted by everyone in the world. Google programmers have been known to use meditation even in their work places. This is used to improve the data they get and also cope with other kinds of work stress.