Oxygen therapy used as an alternative to cure diseases

When all kinds of medical treatments have been tried to heal wounds in diabetic persons, burns, grafts, inhalation of smoke or carbon monoxide and radiation injuries, without obtaining satisfactory results; then, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is resorted to as an extraordinary resource for patient recovery.

This hyperbaric chamber system consists of a closed space, designed and pressurized to support up to 6 atmospheres of oxygen at 100%, is designed to be used in groups, with the Multiplace model or individually, with the Monoplace. They are found in health care centers, such as hospitals or clinics.
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The oxygen therapy performed in a Tekna hyperbaric chamber is safe and comfortable; its cabins are transparent, which allows the patient to contact the outside. It adapts to the available space because before the installation the construction and connections are studied, with the aim of complying with the safety standards necessary for its perfect operation.
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