Pumping Exercises: Drawbacks of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Among all the penis enlargement methods penis enlargement surgery is one of the most popular ones. It is considered as one of the best permanent solutions of penis enlargement. But there are still disagreements among doctors regarding this. Some doctors think other natural methods are way easier and effective than surgery such as Pumping Exercises. Like every other thing there are definitely some drawbacks to penis enlargement surgery too. So if you are about to have surgery then here are some drawbacks you need to know before.

• Availability:
Though penis enlargement surgery is a well-known operation since many decades but still finding the best surgeon is difficult. When it comes to critical operations you can’t really risk your life. So choosing a random hospital or doctor is not a good decision. You will find reputed surgeons far from your place. And you need to consider the fact that this operation and its after procedure are lengthy. To travel that long for every time can cause harm to your newly operated organ.
• Surgery is painful than pumping exercises:
Penis enlargement surgery is whole open surgery. So it obviously includes anesthesia, cut, stretch, stitch and many more things. That means that the operation is going to painful. And if you are a soft-hearted person who can’t bear much pain then this kind of surgery is best to avoid for you. Here doctors prefer pumping exercises for an easy yet permanent method.
• Costly:
Any kind of surgery is costly. And this kind of critical penis enlargement surgery is costlier than you think. The aftercare of the surgery is also costly. So it is not a good option for all financial background people. Here the pumping method is much cheaper and convenient to go with.

• Risks:
After all those boundaries, even if you choose penis enlargement surgery over pumping exercises then you should know about the risks. There is a high risk of infection. Though the doctors prescribe antibiotics still such infections happen in many cases. Other than that there are also risks of ligament cutting and blood vessel cutting too. So it is best to go with natural processes such as pumping exercises.