Take care that no one can find password facebook

Have you ever found out some messages sent from your account you never typed? Your account probably has been hacked! You must wonder how someone gained access to your account. This sometimes creates a desire on searching for how to hack a facebook account (pirater un compte facebook) . Well, there are many ways one can hack someone’s account. You should be careful browsing through websites and giving out all the crucial information.

Before talking about how hackers find password facebook, lets understand what hacking is and how you can be attacked. Hacking is basically an illegal and unethical practice of getting access to some account or network. Hackers are people who do this work. Hacking is illegal, but companies sometimes hire these hackers. But, hacking is a serious offense and should not be practiced illegally.
The most talk about a method of hacking is phishing. Phishing is a method in which your login credentials are taken by misguiding you. For instance, you may be displayed a page which is same as Facebook’s page. Once you enter the details, you might be redirected to the actual Facebook page and your password will go into the hackers’ database. Ensure you don’t click on any mail or link which is unknown to you. Keep a check on the URL. It should have “https” displayed before the website’s name.
There are people other than hacker who can gain illegal access to your account. Yes! Sounds strange but true. Your closed ones can also do that. May be for the fun purpose, but yes, they also are accountable for this. So, you should ensure that you protect your password from everyone!
Keep changing your password facebook every week or month. Periodic changes ensure safety. You should also keep a password which does not match your name or other details like your sun sign, date of birth or mobile number. Ensuring these things will keep your account safe!